Help me with costs to volunteer with a medical brigade in Quito, Ecuador!

My name is Brandon Flock and I am a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder volunteering with a non-profit organization called Timmy Global Health. Throughout the year we fundraise money, medical supplies, and medicine to take down to Quito, Ecuador. We volunteer in a clinic there for a week, seeing over 500 patients during our time there. Timmy Global Health emphasizes sustainability in Quito’s health care through education and continuity of care. We partner with a local hospital in Quito, Tierra Nueva, who follow up with patients after we leave.  Every 2-3 months our organization sends a chapter to the communities to also keep up with patients.

The money we fundraise (approximately $15,000) during the year goes directly to the clinics and patients, it does NOT pay for the volunteers to get to Ecuador. This is where YOU can help! I am hoping to get some help with the costs of the trip, as I am a young student going to college on student loans and financial aid – anything and everything truly helps.

This trip will allow me to directly help people on the global stage! I anticipate that through my involvement in Quito I will become a better individual: improving my communications skills and becoming a more empathetic individual.

Thank you all!


Welcome – About Me

I was recently placed on the low-FODMAP diet by my doctor in response to digestive problems for four years now.  I determined I was lactose intolerant a few years back and that seemed to help, as well as giving up carbonation (soda) and fast food but not solve the issue.  While on this diet, I have eliminated gluten (including any gluten derivatives), soy (including any soy derivatives), lactose (including cream, yogurts, cheese), carbonation (that’s just me, but I can’t handle carbonation), fast food, and anything unhealthy in general.  You, like me, probably see this list of ingredients as the usual menu each day (or if you haven’t, go read some food labels – in the United States, you can find soy in just about every last thing you purchase at the supermarket)!

We all know the low-FODMAP foods, no mystery there; however, I have read so many ingredient lists that it drives me mad.  So my objective here is simple: I hope to share foods (including name brands) that I find tasty and are free of all these things I can’t handle (Gluten Free-GF, Soy Free-SF, Lactose Free-LF).  Granted, I live in Boulder, Colorado so I understand that we have a plethora of organic foods and such that others are not as privy too; however, I hope that within this “grocery list” of foods are a few things that you can find in your hometown.

I hope that people feel free to comment or reply to my posts so that we may 0share specific foods and what they are free of (GF, SF, and/or LF).  I envision creating some sort of massive list of foods (snacks, sauces, dips, etc.) to share with everyone like us!  Recipes are also welcomed here, but my focus will be on the “grocery list.”

–If you do comment, please provide the product name, any high FODMAPS that may be in the food if applicable, the store you purchased it from, and the country you are in.

Please navigate through the various tabs I have created up at the top of the page to find the category that most interests you.  There will be some overlaps, so if it isn’t in one category, try another that seems appropriate!